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The “meat” in today’s devotion is best understood if you know what kind of Old Ship of Zion you either have boarded or have become. Only the Old Ships of Zion are the ones that successfully have weathered the storms of life. Aboard these ships, the people who have been troubled or nearly drowned by the Tsunamis that swept over their souls will receive priceless wisdom. For this reason, weary from doing well individuals most definitely should seek out these Old Ships of Zion.

For sure, weary, overwhelmed believers purposely should be on the lookout for these ships, and, when they find one, they should yell for Her lifelines. Once these individuals are safe aboard their ship that rescued them, they should soak up everything their spiritual captain and crew (their Holy Spirit led spiritual teachers/counselors) can teach/counsel them about how to stay afloat should life’s colossal ocean waves come crashing down over their weary heads again.

The Old Ships of Zion that not only can rescue, teach, and counsel you but also can help you go the last mile of the Way are as follows:

1. Older ships will teach you reverence.
2. Battered vessels are a practicum in compassion.
3. Fast clippers, leading the fleet under Christ, instill obedience.
4. Slow barges instruct you in patience and kindness, for they often bear the heaviest burdens.
5. Frontline battleships evoke respect and humility.
6. Broken boats will enlarge your heart for meeting needs.
7. And even a collision with another freighter will alert each member to stay on course and faithfully follow love. (WEB)

What kind of Old Ship of Zion are you seeking? How weary, worn and heartbroken are you from doing the Perfect Will of the Father—from giving assistance to whomever it is who is in need? AMEN.

“And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap if we faint not” (Galatians 6:9, KJV).