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Box of Crayola 64 Crayons

crayonists,  we  are

coloring  outside  boxes. 

world’s peopled,

 tightly  packed with non-threatening, classic Crayolas

confidently projecting their diversity

governed  by  external  creative  force

setting  them  in  motion,


within  and  without.

 reds  and  yellows, blues  and  greens, purples  and  oranges, browns, blacks  and  whites, 64 arranged pigmentary images,

animated  inanimate  waxes—


        creating  impressive,  unified  patterns—

moving  from

individual  to  collective  whole, composing

aggregated  montages;  combined … separate  but  equal

Godhead  reproductions—resembling  one  Father, one  Lord, one  Spirit—

 changing  world’s  perception:  acknowledging

social, economic, political, ethnic, religious, cultural 


collaborative, complex, connected, agreeable confluence.

~ from Montage of Poetic Imaginations