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Uninhibited Holy Spirit-filled, Spirit-controlled, Spirit-guided

Concerted lively movements,

Submissively bending, yielding in honor of, in praise to, in thanks

for the Lord.

Dancing’s inspiration, the Word of TRUTH: Salvation, Deliverance,

Peace, Love, Joy, Faith, Temperance, Goodness, Mercy, Grace.

Empowered emotionally charged spirits,

Supernaturally electrified, highly

Excited…fire-birthed responses from innermost will

Hearkening to even a still small voice.

Living: Walking, Singing, Dancing,

In the Spirit, necessary daily power

Required “light,” a sober act resembling New Wine’s


Praising, glorifying, honoring, thanking always, in all things, in

Every way to Father God

In Jesus’ name.

~ from Montage of Poetic Imaginations