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Kingdom of God “is at hand.”

Nearness, though, in stages.

John the Baptist’s repent warning, phase one:

Christ, God’s suffering servant,

Arrives incognito;

Anointed Messiah, Father’s only begotten

Clothed with humanity Son,

Rejected, betrayed, crucified Lamb who’s resurrected.

Revealed, glorified Son of Man,

Returns triumphant King of Kings,

Lord of Lords,

Descending on cloud,

Bringing host of saints from Heaven to Earth.

His beautiful Gospel carrying feet

Split Mount Olives,

Ushering in Kingdom of God, really “is at hand”;

Phase two: fully manifesting after

Horrific seven-year Tribulation’s

Rapid increase in labor pains

Cease from troubling.

Second Coming sneaks up on church-players,

Catches them off guard, living in

Spiritual darkness, baring spiritual nakedness.

While stripped of all supernatural

Power, authority, discernment, they stand before their

Creator, uncovered; guilty of

Compromising God’s Divine Truth with

World’s repulsive, duplicitous, seductive,

Misogynous, misanthropic, depraved imaginations that now

Infect the music, print, motion picture, broadcast, and

Electronic communications’ brands…causing

Greedy for gain pursuits to become

Strongholds ‘til perverse activities are

Tolerated business as usual,

Instead of shunned ungodly habits.

The evil ways of the world steadily

Drown out contemporary prophets’

“Prepare to meet God” warnings ‘til

Get-ready time is spent.

Divine Judgment’s hour for

Church-players and the unyielding unsaved,

Already is closing in.

Now is the time to sorrowfully repent and

Cry: “Lord, save a wretch like me.”