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Although many of today’s Christians seek God’s heavenly treasure chest (His spiritual riches), it also is true that MOST of these Christians want the money, fame, titles, positions, enlightenments, etcetera that the world’s economic, political, and religious systems offer more than they want what God offers. What’s more, the majority of believers searching specifically for comfort, warmth, rest, peace, nourishment, and fellowship have attempted to get what they want either from the CHURCH or the world by trying a variety of unsuccessful schemes.

In short, these believers have ended up substituting all kinds of earthly “stuff” for God’s supernatural “stuff,” only to learn that their “inner” hunger has not been satisfied! Ironically, all the time they were seeking human ways to obtain heavenly and/or earthly “resources,” the primary key to the Kingdom’s riches has been within them. That key is the Holy Spirit who alone is able to relieve their frustrations and fulfill the deepest longings of their human spirits/hearts, but only when those longings are a part of God’s perfect plan (Will) for their lives.

For sure, everything we need to live a fully prosperous life on this Earth–prosperous both spiritually and naturally (physically)–God provides through the mighty workings of the Holy Spirit, and this Divine Truth is illustrated best in today’s Scripture. Indeed, King David’s 23rd Psalm epitomizes the sufficiency of God’s provisions, for the psalmist declares that God will provide physical rest; provide physical and spiritual food and water; restore physically and spiritually weak and weary souls; guide and direct physical and spiritual paths; teach physical and spiritual deaths and how to deal with them; be spiritually present; provide emotional, financial, physical and spiritual comfort; defend, protect and exalt physical and spiritual lives in the presence of enemies; provide emotional, physical and spiritual healing; work physical and spiritual GOODNESS out of what was meant to be evil; allow spiritual GOODNESS and KINDNESS (His Word and His Holy Spirit) to be present throughout life’s journey; and provide eternal life. So, why would we seek anything or anyone else, when God provides our every need? AMEN.

“THE LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want” (Psalm 23:1, KJV; cf. John 10:11; 1 Peter 2:25; Revelation 7:17).