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First, let me say that I neither believe in nor recognize any ghosts (apparitions). In fact, what people define, describe, believe in and/or refer to as a ghost is nothing more than a demon, and not some disembodied spirit of the dead! That’s right. Those unusual noises, unusual smells, and extreme variations in temperature (often called “cold spots”), as well as those solid, filmy, shadowy, or a ball of light visual images, those tactile sensations, the disembodied voices, the displacement of objects (including the apparent psychokinetic movement of objects), and those electrical disturbances are all supernatural works of DEMONS!

Secondly, I want to make it emphatically clear that God’s Holy Ghost is neither a ghost nor a demon. The Holy Ghost also is NOT an “it,” and He is NOT a “what.” He is a personage of Spirit, as He does not possess a body of flesh, blood, and bones. He is the third person of The Trinity or Godhead. Indeed, the Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God the Father.

The Holy Ghost is fully God. Like God the Father, the Holy Ghost is eternal, omniscient, and omnipresent. The Holy Ghost has a Will, and He can speak. For sure, He is very much alive, and, like Jesus the Christ, the Holy Ghost has an earthly ministry. Furthermore, He is ONE in purpose with God the Father and Jesus the Christ the Son. The Trinity or Godhead, thus, operates in perfect harmony.

Besides being called the Holy Ghost, He also is called: Holy Spirit, Breath of the Almighty, Seven Spirits of God, Eternal Spirit, Comforter, Teacher, Light of Christ, Spirit, Spirit of God, Spirit of the Lord, Spirit of Truth, Spirit of the Father, Spirit of Christ, Spirit of the Son, Spirit of Life, Spirit of Grace, Spirit of Prophecy, Spirit of Adoption, Spirit of Wisdom, Spirit of Counsel, Spirit of Might, Spirit of Understanding, Spirit of Knowledge, Spirit of Holiness, Spirit of Revelation, Spirit of Judgment, Spirit of Burning, Spirit of Glory, Power of the Highest, Still Small Voice, and Testifier. He has so many names because He is sent by God the Father to function in so many roles.

Although the Holy Ghost is not visible to the naked eye, born again and saved believers can feel His Presence within them. Without a doubt, the Holy Ghost is the One who puts God’s peace, love and joy in believers’ hearts, and believers recognize Him by His mighty workings, such as His fire baptism, the gifts of the Spirit, sanctification, and so forth.

Finally, the Holy Ghost is supernatural, but He does not haunt anyone. He is the quintessential Gentleman who will not force Himself on anyone!

Once again, the Holy Ghost is NOT the disembodied spirit of the dead. The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of the Living God.