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Today’s familiar Scripture deals with the Lord’s second cleansing of the Jewish Temple, which happens just before His crucifixion. Jesus the Christ’s two Temple-cleansing acts also happen during the Jewish Passover Feast. Moreover, both times, Jesus the Christ is dealing with the merchants and moneychangers’ behaviors.

At the start of Jesus the Christ’s ministry, during His first cleansing of the Temple, He compares the merchants and moneychangers’ behaviors with those of businessmen. He accuses these merchants and moneychangers of turning God’s House of Prayer into a shameless “marketplace.” By the end of Jesus the Christ’s ministry, their conduct has worsened, for He now is accusing them of turning God’s House of Prayer into an offensive “den of thieves.” These merchants and moneychangers have become robbers, con artists, and predators who prey on the weak and gullible so that they can increase their own bank accounts by using any means necessary. That’s why this time, when Jesus the Christ cleans out God’s Temple, He makes a public indictment! He vehemently denounces the merchants and moneychangers’ defilement of God’s House of Prayer, and He also charges the Temple priests as their accomplices! They are all semi-religious crooks and money-hungry abusers of their God-given divine empowerments and callings.

Thus, Jesus the Christ’s actions show that anyone who is commercializing God’s House of Prayer, as well as anyone who is engaging in the act of fleecing or robbing His CHURCH members, will be guilty of desecrating His temples. Furthermore, Jesus the Christ makes it clear that the behaviors of both of these sets of “anyones” are unacceptable to God. It is their behaviors that have prevented the Holy Spirit from functioning in the Lord’s physical “houses,” have prevented congregants from worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth, and have prevented the unsaved and unchurched from wanting to seek God in His physical “houses”; consequently, their behaviors have perpetuated disunity in Jesus the Christ’s CHURCH or Body.

Who is robbing believers blind in the House of the Lord? Who is prejudicing saved and unsaved ethnic groups against praying and worshipping in the House of the Lord? AMEN.

And he taught, saying unto them, Is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations the house of prayer? but ye have made it a den of thieves (Mark 11:17, KJV).