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Many of the modern Christian songs and the traditional church hymns that we sing have the wrong messages in them, like climbing up the rough side of a mountain, or being a pilgrim traveling through this barren land. First off, Christ never tells us to climb ANY mountains, but to move them! Secondly, we are no longer living in Satan’s territory of sin—that barren land sung about in “religious” songs.

The Word of God tells us that born again, saved believers are no longer of this world, but of the Kingdom of Heaven that is in this world. That’s right! Once we became born again and saved, by God’s Grace, we were taken completely out of Satan’s kingdom of sin and brought completely into God’s Kingdom of Heaven! We are God’s children living in a heavenly settlement on this Earth—the Body of Christ, also called the CHURCH.

By God’s Grace and through His Holy Spirit’s mighty workings, by which our eternal life is sealed (guaranteed), we immediately obtained our heavenly citizenship! Moreover, unlike the saints who died before Christ, who were pilgrims and strangers in this world, we are no longer wanderers and outsiders because through Christ we became ambassadors—God’s messengers who speak for Him, pleading with lost souls on Christ’s behalf.

We are one “new man” of one “whole body”—the CHURCH—which is built on the foundation laid by Jesus the Christ, the apostles, and the prophets. Therefore, because we are God’s children and Jesus the Christ’s ambassadors, having the same power and authority of our Lord, we are here to regulate this world’s ungodly systems (be righteous thermostats)—to live according to God’s holy and righteous standards so as to affect changes in this world’s disagreeable temperatures (climates). We are here to influence others. We are not here just to measure this world’s disagreeable temperatures/climates (not here to be carnal thermometers). We are not supposed to reflect this world’s ungodly systems; we are here to do something about them!

For the Gospel and the family of God’s sake, we must unite with our brothers and sisters in Christ and together make a difference in this world! Since we are Kingdom of Heaven citizens, Household of Faith siblings, and Body of Christ ambassadors, our mission, then, is to be human thermostats rather than human thermometers! AMEN.

Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God (Ephesians 2:19, KJV).