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In far too many of today’s churches, the unkempt, grubby, smelly, and matted or greasy-haired individuals wearing outdated fashions or sheer rags are frowned upon, and usually they are treated as unwanted guests. The high and mighty Christians in today’s Houses of the Lord who often label their unwelcome visitors as “good for nothings” (or “invisible people”) do so because they  believe that wandering and/or destitute people are NOT acceptable worshippers.

These neglected vagabonds and/or indigent individuals are still the Lord’s sheep—a fact that so many of the religiously pious church members know very well. Ironically, the self-righteous believers who are very fond of saying “there but for the grace of God go I” and “the poor always will be in this world” also are the ones who have become respecters of persons. For this reason, it is mind-boggling, indeed, disturbing to see how so many of these professed Christians show the economically disadvantaged people who come into their churches that they should seek God elsewhere.

Sadly, there are times, while the homeless and poor persons are walking down the aisles to give their hand to pastors, or while they are going to the altars for prayer, that many of the financially “better off,” holier-than-thou individuals are laughing at these unwelcome people’s appearance (laughing at their hair, teeth, feet, shoes, clothes, accessories, or all of the aforesaid); or they are talking to others about how poorly these less fortunate people are dressed, or making gestures that symbolize how the stench from the filthy clothes and dirty bodies has filled their nostrils. This nonsense must stop!

Our Lord tells us that anyone who has been weighed down by this life’s cares can come to Him, just as he or she is! So, are we letting the needy and less fortunate individuals come to Jesus the Christ, just as they are, or are we making them feel objectionable (making them feel as though they are not welcomed in God’s House)? They deserve to be in the Lord’s rest, perhaps even more so than many of us who have never been in their shoes!

For sure, these unwanted visitors are Jesus the Christ’s invited guests! Undoubtedly, the Lord’s “Come unto me” invitation is for EVERYBODY who hungers and thirsts after righteousness! The Lord says: “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Matthew 11:28, KJV). Let us, then, let them come just as they are!