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“Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (2 Timothy 3:12, KJV).

We know that Workers’ Compensation laws have been established to ensure that every eligible employee who experiences a work-related injury, illness, or disability will receive the appropriate medical care and equitable benefits. Workers’ Compensation laws also provide benefits for the dependents of employees who are killed because of work-related accidents or illnesses. Thus, if most workers in non-Christian businesses know exactly what their medical care and fixed monetary awards will be (as a trade off for not taking legal action), why is it that there are so many Christians in the Army of the Lord who do not know how heavily insured they are through Jesus the Christ?

Without a doubt, when on-the-job believers know and have faith in what God guarantees in His Workers’ Compensation Insurance, they tend to be bolder and more courageous. Their beforehand knowledge about what their medical care and fixed monetary awards will be, for sure, has something to do with why these bolder and more courageous believers also are happy to suffer persecutions, trials, and tribulations, even if these sufferings leave them injured, ill, disabled, or dead. Really, all battle-scarred soldiers in the Army of the Lord can rest assured that each and every endured occupational hazard will be compensated for, abundantly, even the increased pain and hurt that come from flexing rarely used spiritual muscles!

The Scriptures tell us over and over again that we are to be Christian workers who need not be ashamed of the jobs we have been assigned to do in God’s ministry. We also are told not to think it strange when we are persecuted. Indeed, the more that we are persecuted the more God admonishes us to trust in Him and in His Word, for we must believe without wavering that our sufferings will not be in vain—that God will recompense us for every on-the-job endangerment that we encounter.

Our Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage provides us with many benefits, monetary and otherwise. Examples are as follows:

1. God will return in like kind, to them who hurt us, the same trials and tribulations that they have used to trouble us. (2 Thessalonians 1:4-6)

2. God will give us peace in the midst of our trials and tribulations. (John 16:33)

3. God will make us perfect from the trials and tribulations that we face. (1 Peter 5:10)

4. God will give us rest (relief, ease) from our sufferings. (Matthew 11:28)

5. God will give us a crown of life, if we endure to the end. (James 1:12)

6. God will bless us, abundantly, on this earth. (Ephesians 3:20)

7. God will give us a “great” reward in heaven for our sufferings. (Matthew 5:12)

The bottom line is that if we are persecuted, if we are mistreated, if we are disabled (permanently or temporarily), or even if we lose our lives while we are doing the Will of the Father, we are going to be well compensated for our troubles.  God has us covered, and His Workers’ Compensation Insurance offers us the best benefits there are for our injuries, illnesses, disabilities or deaths. God will pay us for whatever we suffer in this world, and His payments will be well worth the inconvenience of the pains, hurts, shame, frustrations, rejections, or even physical death that we face.

Holy Spirit, help us to see that God has insured every one of His believers who is working as a soldier for the Lord, performing the Will of the Father in the Kingdom of God. Help us to know that no matter what we have to face—no matter how horrific or fatal the trials, tribulations, or persecutions end up being—that without fail we not only will receive an honest assessment of our injuries, illnesses, disabilities, deaths, and other sufferings but also we will be wondrously compensated for our occupational hazards.  In Jesus’ name we pray and give thanks.  Amen.