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Intelligent Design

Creating one’s own reality is accidental

Twig theory’s root,

Leading to flawed conclusion

Arrived from purposeless random mutation,

The false premise.

Eugenics, natural selection, planned parenthood,

Genetic engineering, cloning . . .

Men and women playing ‘god,’

An Intelligent Design counterfeiting

To the highest degree,

No matter how it’s propagated.

Creation:  Heavens, outer space, Earth, humanity,

Animal kingdom, vegetation, terra firma, oceans, waterways…

Indeed, all systems and organisms are

Intricately and intelligently designed by


And are neither surpassed nor equally replicated by

Mankind’s fused infinite wisdom, knowledge and understanding—

Neither substituted by the specious process of

Natural selection or gradual evolution—

For El Shaddai’s purpose by design is the only true

Conspicuous confirmation.