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We have NEVER seen our own face. We only have seen (and continue to see) a reflection of our face via a mirror, photo, or drawing. Yet, we trust, have faith, that what we see with our natural eyes is a true reflection of our own face. Likewise, we have NEVER seen God’s face, with our natural eyes, for He is Spirit and Life. Therefore, the only way for us to come close to seeing God (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), or our own face, or even our own spirit, clearly, is in the Spirit through the Word of God and with spiritual eyes (spiritual discernment, wisdom, or understanding).

Because we only can look with our natural eyes at our physical face, and see it then only through a mirror, or as it appears in a photo, or drawing, it often is very easy for us to forget what we look like, once we walk away from the mirror, or put away the photo or drawing. The same is true about our spiritual life. We see (behold/perceive) through the read Word of God, or we hear (listen to the Word), via the preached Gospel, who we are in Christ and how we are supposed to be living for Him, but the moment we stop reading or listening to the Word of God, we often forget who we are and the kind of lifestyle we are to be demonstrating. James the brother of Jesus the Christ says it this way:

But be doers of the Word [obey the message], and not merely listeners to it, betraying yourselves [into deception by reasoning contrary to the Truth]. For if anyone only listens to the Word without obeying it and being a doer of it, he is like a man who looks carefully at his [own] natural face in a mirror; For he thoughtfully observes himself, and then goes off and promptly forgets what he was like. (James 1:22-24, AMP)

Similarly, the Apostle Paul says that, in reality, we are looking at a very poor reflection of who we are in Christ, when we look through an imperfect object or through an imperfect medium (e.g., the mirror, photo, drawing, and sometimes the Word of God, especially if that Word is not the perfect/complete canon). What we see, if we just read or hear the Old Testament and/or only a few books of the New Testament, is an indistinct allusion, a perplexed/baffling resemblance of the true God, the real SON, the authentic Holy Spirit, which will result in an obscure intimation of our true self. That’s why, we only can know in part, and this partial knowing is depicted in the Apostle Paul’s contrast of our inadequate knowledge of an object (who we see), a knowledge gained by seeing that object reflected in a dim mirror, which is being compared to the perfect/complete idea we will have of that object once the Holy Spirit lets us “see” (behold, perceive) it directly.

In other words, the Apostle Paul is describing our obscured knowledge about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and, in fact, ourselves, as a partial revelation, a partial vision of divine things. Yet, ironically, he also is saying that we can see God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and ourselves, face-to-face (directly), that is, see the front of the object, (see our face and, thus, see who we are to God, in Jesus, and through the Holy Spirit’s sanctification), without perceiving any physical/visible obstructions, but only after we have the perfect (complete) canon of Scripture, and when we are in the Spirit and looking through the Word of God with spiritual eyes/spiritual wisdom and understanding. The Apostle Paul writes:

For now we are looking in a mirror that gives only a dim (blurred) reflection [of reality as in a riddle or enigma], but then [when perfection comes] we shall see in reality and face to face! Now I know in part (imperfectly), but then I shall know and understand fully and clearly, even in the same manner as I have been fully and clearly known and understood [by God]. (1 Corinthians 13:12, AMP)

Furthermore, Christ says, “It is the Spirit Who gives life [He is the Life-giver]; the flesh conveys no benefit whatever [there is no profit in it]. The words (truths) that I have been speaking to you are spirit and life” (John 6:63, AMP). Therefore, because we cannot see nor feel our own spirit, we cannot do anything to cause our spirit to be born again. Our new birth/new life, thus, is solely the work of God’s Grace and the regenerative power of His Holy Spirit.

For these reasons, we only can know (spiritually discern) that we have been born again, saved, and sanctified (filled with the Holy Spirit so that we are in the process of being made holy, are being transformed into the image of Christ) IF we daily are living and walking in the Holy Spirit. That is to say, when we are living and walking in the Holy Spirit, we are, by faith, responding in godly ways to the Holy Spirit’s teaching, prompting, and guiding of our individual life. Put differently, if we daily are living and walking in the Holy Spirit, then we are exemplifying the life of Jesus the Christ in both our public and personal life (see Galatians 5:16, 25). Indeed, the only way we can obtain the holiness that will allow us to have both an eternal and a right now face-to-face encounter with ourselves, God, Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit is IF we daily are living and walking in the Holy Spirit, as well as consistently demonstrating the love of God that is in us.

Only when our knowledge of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and ourselves is free from all obscurity and error can we completely understand and properly interpret the types and pictures of Jesus the Christ, the fulfilled and unfulfilled prophecies, and so forth! In other words, we fully can know NOW what the Lord intends to reveal to His children, by interpreting the entire Old Testament in light of the whole New Testament. Also, when our knowledge of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and ourselves is free from all obscurity and error, we are then able to perceive any prophetic revelations that are by men and women who have added them to those prophetic revelations found in the Holy Bible (cf. Revelation 22:18-19)!