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Two words: Spiritually Dead!

Sinners are spiritually dead (spiritually unreceptive to God; spiritually separated from God). Before sinners can become spiritually receptive to God’s Salvation plan, the Holy Spirit first has to quicken their spirit (make them spiritually alive again)—He has to give them a born from above second birth so that they can see the Kingdom of God (see Christ).

Two words: Open Door!

Through Christ, who is God’s Open Door, God invites EVERY sinner to come and receive the TOTAL work by which He saves each sinner from sin—the three stages of Salvation: Justification (saved from the penalty of sin), Sanctification (being saved from the power of sin), and Glorification (to be saved in the future from the presence of sin).

Two words: Born Again!

Being born again is solely God’s work, which His Holy Spirit makes happen. So, no Sinner’s Prayers, no rededication vows, no confessed sins, no live-better decisions, NOTHING people do or say can influence their new birth; only the Holy Spirit can make people a new creature—make them no longer dead in sins and no longer spiritually blind.

Two words: God’s Faith!

GRACE alone does not save us. FAITH is the other essential factor. Surely, it is God’s FAITH in us that renews us, cleanses us, saves us, and justifies us. God’s measure of supernatural, post-resurrection FAITH also makes it possible for us to please Him. Thus, God’s FAITH works preternaturally in us because of the Holy ONE who gave His Faith to us!

Two words: God’s Business!

God is in the business of saving souls, and this is a three-part process (Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification). Even though God has forgiven our sins, only our “spirit” is given new life. That’s why God’s business is about spiritually maturing our spirits, souls, and bodies so that we accurately model Christ’s Good News to a hurting and dying world.

Two words: Be Holy!

If we’re not living holy, then it won’t matter how many “be better” common-sense instructions we follow, because none of them has any power to produce holy living in us! ONLY when we work in cooperation with God’s Holy Spirit can we ever hope to be holy, and being holy far exceeds the very best life-improvement results there are!

Two words: Let God!

Only after we have accepted the reality that God’s faith, wisdom, knowledge, understanding, guidance, healing, etc., are ever-present and ever-available can we then totally surrender our desires, hopes, indeed, our whole life, and LET GOD fill our every void, our every emptiness with His new desires, hopes, light, and life—His Divine Presence.

Two words: God’s Favor!

Most people think that being blessed means having big homes, expensive cars, designer clothing, and/or plenty of money in the bank. However, to God, being blessed means having GOD’S FAVOR upon you so that when you praise Him, especially when it looks like you’ll never be prosperous, your worship causes God’s Favor to make a way for you out of no way!

Two words: But God!

In all of the Scriptures that we find BUT GOD, we are given extraordinarily GOOD NEWS—God has brought to pass the greatest GOOD from what was meant by humans, or even Satan himself, to be the greatest evil. The greatest GOOD NEWS is God’s redemptive process establishes Jesus as the ONLY way to righteous and HOLY living!