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Jumping on the bandwagon is more of a secular trend than a Christian inclination, primarily because the world usually doesn’t care if the who or what people are following is morally right or wrong. Traditionally, thanks in part to P. T. Barnum and his workers with their meant to deceive razzmatazz of circus parade attractions, primarily their highly decorated bandwagons, we get today’s figurative meaning of ‘jumping on the bandwagon’—people joining (following, coming on board, getting behind, supporting) a growing movement, in favor of something or someone, just when that movement has become popular and/or successful.

While this trend might be the way of the world, believers should not follow any secular direction that tends to move toward the proud, selfish, and/or evil, not even if the “movement” promotes lofty ideas, nor if the person who is leading that “movement” has plenty of power and wealth. Instead, believers are to be followers of Jesus the Christ who demonstrated what it looks like to live and walk in love. Thus, the world’s ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ type of behavior often will be in opposition to sincere Christians’ comportment. That’s why God never is pleased with believers who take part in something that is ungodly, or who get behind someone who does not emulate or imitate the life of Jesus the Christ. Yet because of His Permissive Will, God often lets believers follow the crowd, and if the crowd ends up in a ditch, the Christians in the group might suffer the same misfortune. 

For these and other sound reasons, earnest Christians always should remain faithful and true to their commitment to follow only that which is holy and righteous. If true Christians must emulate or imitate “someone” or “something,” then that “someone” should be the Lord, and that “something” should be His life. The Lord lived a sinless life, and He went about doing “good.” His true followers, through the aid of the Holy Spirit, should do likewise.

Who are you following?  Are you following God?  When unsaved individuals look at your behaviors, do they see the actions and reactions that prove you are God’s?  AMEN.  

“Beloved, follow not that which is evil, but that which is good. He that doeth good is of God: but he that doeth evil hath not seen God” (3 John v. 11, KJV).