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Spiritual Rebirth

Do not marvel at this, for an hour is coming when all who are in the tombs will hear his voice. ~ John 5:28, ESV


We know that God’s Holy Spirit is the Living Water—our constant flowing source of Divine Revelation (illuminator of God’s WORD), our constant flowing source of spiritual wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and spiritual gifts, and our constant flowing source of Christ Jesus’ power, authority, and anointing. In view of this knowledge, there should be no doubt that this Living Water additionally not only continually cleanses us from all manner of defilement but also initially makes us spiritually alive.

Even though, for the most part, we indirectly hear Christ Jesus’ voice speak to us (like from off the Bible’s pages that we read, and/or from out of the mouths of Bible teachers, preachers, and disciplers), Christ Jesus first had to speak to us, indirectly or directly, before we ever could be resurrected from out of our spiritual graves (the state of being spiritually dead to God). In actuality, according to God’s written and preached Word, our Father sovereignly decided that, after His Grace and the Power of His Holy Spirit worked together to influence a positive response from us to the read or preached Word, His Grace and the Power of His Holy Spirit would work together to perform a preliminary spiritual baptism in us so that we could be resurrected from spiritual death, or separation from God.

In other words, no matter when we respond favorably to either the written or the preached Word of God, the Divine Truth is that our positive response is because of God’s Grace and His Holy Spirit’s Power. That’s right! It is because of God’s Grace and the Power of His Holy Spirit that God allows His Holy Spirit to influence our receptivity of the read, preached, and/or taught WORD of God, which is the Gospel of Christ Jesus. Furthermore, it is because of this initial act of God’s Grace and Power that His Grace and His Holy Spirit’s Power next work together to breathe life into us, again, only this time it is the “new” life that is being breathed into our spiritually dead human spirits. God, in essence, is regenerating sinners’ spirits—we are being born again from Heaven.

No one can feel this new birth while it is happening, and no one can do anything to make this new birth happen. Put differently, regeneration (rebirth; being born again from above) is solely the work of God’s Grace and the Power of His Holy Spirit.

Subsequently, the teamwork of God’s Grace and His Holy Spirit’s Power also involves giving us our measure of faith, as well as influencing our spiritual hearing (understanding), our spiritual receiving, and our spiritual trusting in our Lord’s voice, which is calling us, either directly or indirectly, unto repentance, salvation, discipleship, and sanctification. Now even though there has been much written about whether or not believers actually could hear Father God or Christ Jesus’ audible voice, the Divine Truth is that very soon, Christ Jesus will speak and His direct audible voice will be heard clearly by every one of His deceased disciples.

When He speaks to His deceased disciples with His direct audible voice, His voice will be calling them from their graves. He will be resurrecting all of the centuries of the dead in Christ saints from their physical graves (from the places on this Earth where their physical bodies were buried, no matter if they were buried in the ground, at sea, placed in mausoleums, or put in urns).  As it was with Lazarus who arose from his grave when Christ Jesus cried out to him with a LOUD voice, “…Lazarus, come forth…” (John 11:43), the dead in Christ will arise from their physical graves, wherever those graves might be, as soon as these dead in Christ hear their Bridegroom’s shout (cf. 1 Thessalonians 4:16)!

However, there still will be another resurrection. The centuries of people who have rejected Christ Jesus’ call to repentance and salvation also will be “called” out of their graves to be judged and then thrown into the Lake of Fire (cf. Revelation 20:11-15). Their fate is why every believer should use most of the time he or she has left on this Earth to pant after the Living Water (to draw closer to Christ Jesus), to pay attention to His voice, to answer  “yes, Lord,” and to do God’s Perfect Will. In other words, we never can turn a deaf ear to God’s Divine Truth or His Perfect Will, because if we do, then the next time we hear Christ Jesus’ voice might be when He says to depart from Him, because He doesn’t know us (cf. Matthew 7:21-23)!