P2ALM’s article is chock full of information that explains why today “[e]yes are being turned away from a revived Roman Empire to a revived Islamic Caliphate….”


The Muslim Brotherhood has a new candidate in the Egyptian Presidential race, Muhammad Mursi. Mursi is calling for a revived Islamic Caliphate with Jerusalem as its capital.

Here are the “excerpts from an address made by Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi at a rally in which he launched the presidential elections campaign for candidate Muslim Brotherhood candidate Muhammad Mursi.” The transcript was translated into English by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute).

Why is this important? In Daniel 11, the geographic area of the king of the south is identified from history as the Ptolemic Empire. Today it would encompass Egypt. Daniel says, at the time of the end, after the Antichrist makes his appearance, the king of the south will once again war with the king of the north [11:40]. The geographic area of this north kingdom is identified from history as the Seleucid Empire. Today, it would encompass Lebanon…

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