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…God has put the body together in such a way that he gives greater dignity to the parts that lack it, So that there will be no disagreements within the body, but rather all the parts will be equally concerned for all the others. Thus if one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it; and if one part is honored, all the parts share its happiness. ~  1 Corinthians 12:24b-26, CJB


Each believer is a separate and necessary part/member in the Body of Christ. However, God has designed the Body of Christ in such a way that in order for the Lord’s Body of Believers to function properly every believer not only needs each separate and individual part/member but also every believer needs to care for and to honor each part/member the same way.

There is no way to get around it. God, indeed, has put the Body of Christ together in such a way that the parts/members some believers might see as the puniest, least dignified and least important parts/members are the very ones that will have to receive extra care and extra honor.  For sure, in God’s economy, or the means by which He changes His holy and righteous sons and daughters into the image of Christ Jesus, those sons and daughters who are considered to be the weakest, least magnificent and least significant parts/members in the Body of Christ almost invariably will turn out to be the most essential ones!

That is why so much of what the Kingdom of God depends upon to reflect God’s Love already has become a vital necessity in shaping every individual Christian’s life. In other words, everything that God values in Heaven needs to be valued on Earth, and what He values in Heaven about the Body of Christ is every believer’s interdependence, kindness, humility, respect, concern, care, love, and harmony, which God uses to unite one believer with another.

The bottom line is: What God wants the Body of Christ to value the most on Earth is God’s way of showing the necessary God kind of Love that produces the God kind of Harmony within the Body of Christ. Without a doubt, more than anything else, the God kind of Love and the God kind of Harmony are indispensable godly characteristics, because they make it possible for the Body of Christ to function as a unified whole. Put differently, when God’s Love and Harmony are operating in the Body of Christ, according to God’s intent, ALL parts/members equally will care for and respect one another to the point that when one part/member suffers, ALL parts/members suffer; and to the point that when one part/member is honored, ALL parts/members rejoice.

Holy Spirit, please lead us in the way of love—the God kind of Love—that will cause us to look out for, to encourage, to support, and to strengthen the weaker yet the most necessary members in the Body of Christ. Help us to learn how to share in one another’s pain and to rejoice in one another’s joy. Tune us up so that every part/member in the Body of Christ is in harmony, valuing ALL that God values not only by playing the parts that God has assigned each one of us to play but also by exemplifying the essence of the Good Samaritan principle, which means we equally will care for and equally will honor and respect every member in the Body of Christ.  In Jesus’ name we pray and give thanks.  Amen.

Taken from Heavenly Insights