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Money Isn’t The GOAL Of This Blog!

…You have received without paying, so give without asking payment. Don’t take money in your belts, no gold, no silver, no copper; and for the trip don’t take a pack, an extra shirt, shoes or a walking stick — a worker should be given what he needs. ~ Matthew 10:8b-10, CJB

Not that I am saying this to call attention to any need of mine; since, as far as I am concerned, I have learned to be content regardless of circumstances. I know what it is to be in want, and I know what it is to have more than enough — in everything and in every way I have learned the secret of being full and being hungry, of having abundance and being in need. I can do all things through him who gives me power. ~ Philippians 4:11-13, CJB


You would be surprised, or may be not so surprised, at the number of SPAM comments I have received from people who are trying to sell me on their ways to sell the content on my blog. If I could reply to all of them, then I certainly would tell them that this blog is not a for CASH blog.

While I do not have anything against making money by blogging, my purpose for starting this blog had nothing to do with either getting paid for blogging or seeking any monetary donations so that I could keep on blogging. That is why every blog entry of mine is freely given. I neither ask for nor expect any financial support for this ministry God has given to me. In fact, if there is any reward that I have coming to me, then I pray that that reward is my Lord telling me “Well done,” one day soon.

In addition to the SPAM comments about the ways to make money with my blog, I also have received many SPAM comments on how to increase my blog’s traffic. Since this blog is used mostly for online Christian outreach, or cyber evangelism, as well as for discipling, encouraging, and enlightening online believers in Christ, I firmly believe that the people who visit my blog are the ones God wants to visit here. That is why, especially given the length of most of my blog’s postings, and given the “church” and spiritual issues God has had me write about, I am jumping for joy over my current blog stats (smile)! No, I neither receive thousands nor hundreds of clicks on my blog each day, nor do I receive fifteen or more “likes” on any one of my posts; nevertheless, I truly am thankful for the ones I do receive.

Now, since God is the One who is sending people to my blog—since He is the One who is behind any increase in and the TOTAL number of my blog’s visitors and subscribers (followers)—I not only continually give Him thanks but also I continually give Him all the praise, and all the Glory for the unexpected and unsolicited visitors and every new and old subscriber or “follower.” Moreover, I firmly believe that if this blog is meant to be, then God will have it succeed in the ways He wants it to succeed. As Oswald Chambers says:

The emphasis to-day is placed on the furtherance of an organization; the note is, ‘We must keep this thing going.’ If we are in God’s order the thing will go; if we are not in His order, it won’t. ~ from Conformed to His Image 357 R

In short, if we really trust God, then we will do things His way, believing that HE will keep the ministry HE gave to us going, and He will do so by doing it His way! Moreover, if the ministry stops, even though it was in His order, then that only means that God has something bigger and better for us to do. Amen!