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TheDrayton/Wade Family Members At Lucille Wade-Drayon's Funeral righteous person perishes, and nobody gives it a thought. Godly men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous person is taken away from the evil yet to come. ~ Isaiah 57:1, CJB



Back in 2003, a friend and colleague asked me if I would write a poem for her that communicates what she wants to say at her goddaughter’s untimely funeral. That poem is this blog entry, and as readers can see this poem was dedicated to Aniya, my friend and colleague’s goddaughter.

However, after the tragedy that happened yesterday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, I now would like to offer this poem as a tribute to the 20 innocent small children who were slaughtered. I also would like to offer this poem as a word of comfort to every family, friend, and loved one this tragedy has affected.



Who can understand why all too soon

A child leaves this world before her bloom?

Seeking to know His plan, some reason why

Their beautiful daughter must suffer and die;

With a poured-out heart they tell God their pain

Of having experienced sunshine, but now rain.


They say:  We want to hang on to her and tighten our grip,

But it seems the tighter we hold the more she will slip

From this life with us, we briefly came to know.

And then they hear Jesus bidding them to let her go,

To loosen their grip so He can help them understand

That even their child’s life best fits His Divine plan.


They ask Him:  Ease our pain, cause our confusion to cease.

He kindly grants their request, when their hold they release,

And place her into His nail-pierced hand full of might,

Having all power to see them through this darkest midnight.


They had clung too tightly, so let go they must

And cling instead to their steadfast faith:  “In God we trust.”


~ from True Devotion: A Poetic View Of The Consuming Fire Of Total Praise, Worship, And Obedience (2006)