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Just Breathe

To Believe

Later on that day, the disciples had gathered together, but, fearful of the Jews, had locked all the doors in the house. Jesus entered, stood among them, and said, ‘Peace to you.’ Then he showed them his hands and side. The disciples, seeing the Master with their own eyes, were exuberant. Jesus repeated his greeting: ‘Peace to you. Just as the Father sent me, I send you.’ Then he took a deep breath and breathed into them. ‘Receive the Holy Spirit,’ he said. ~ John 20:19-22, MSG


 tripping on strings made out of dreams,


entangled by vapor-like hopes fleeing from explosive emotions

screams chain-reaction detonation…

countdown: 4, 3, 2, 1…fireballs

forming from active pressure fields’ gaseous,

 intensified effects from putting

spirit-filled, God-given dreams on hold—deferred to later date;

maybe never in this life???


 just breathe…just believe

for if He gave the dream, He will restore it,

birthing it again even from its very ashes;

 it arises refreshing hope anew

full of vitality…blazing from God’s glory reflecting


with Him, in Him,

on His promises; in His Word,

accomplishing ALL that He has sent it forth to do; so

don’t trip…don’t explode,

don’t quit…don’t implode,

from the carried load…

recline recomposed according to God’s plans, and

just breathe…just believe….



~ from Montage of Poetic Imaginations (2002; edited)