It is time for people to stop believing in a Revived Roman Empire. The Bible doesn’t support this belief! The Antichrist is coming from an Islamic nation that will be part of the Revived Turkish/Islamic Empire!


by Walid Shoebat

Whoever imagined that before Jesus’ second coming that Israel must be reestablished with the Sanhedrin, its religious legal institution, the very agency that put Him on trial before a Jewish Council. Recently, the Sanhedrin, still, chose someone else besides its rightful Messiah, and have even embraced the Islamic idea, that Messiah could be the Islamic Mahdi.

Astonished? Its all caught on film.

Via Harunyahya:

On A9 TV, the influential Turkish Muslim, Adnan Oktar, an ardent agent of the Turkish Islamist regime had Yeshayahu Hollander on his program. Hollander is a Leading Justice of the Sanhedrin. During the interview, Hollander quoted verses that pertain to the Millennium Kingdom of Messiah while deliberately ignoring what comes before – the Antichrist and the Tribulation Period.

The selective verses given by Hollander were completely and purposely taken out of context. Hollander gave reconciling verses from Scripture so as…

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