A very timely piece . . . . I certainly have seen my share of people who promote themselves daily on Twitter via their tweeted Instagram “Selfie” images, which scream: Check me out! I am all that, a bag of chips, AND some Ranch Dressing! Who can count the number of “Selfies” that have been tweeted? Thank God that Christ Jesus doesn’t need to promote Himself. He doesn’t need to brag about how important and great He is by tweeting numerous “Selfies”!

Words of Life


“Enough about me. Tell me what you think about me.” Narcissus, a young man in Greek mythology, fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool. Now, instead of a pool, Narcissus looks into the screen of an iPhone and takes Instagram Selfies. He documents his day from the food he eats to the songs he listens to, to the fleeting thoughts he has. He uploads his images and comments about himself to social media sites. Nothing is out of bounds. Nothing too ordinary to share. What if in the middle of posting his ego he received a post from God Himself? Would he notice?

Rampant in our social media Narcissus demands “Follow Me!” In his numerous self-aggrandizing conversations on Twitter he brags about expertise and exaggerates personal achievements. He sends endless Selfies; ingrown images, craving the admiration of others…

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