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Broken Promises = Broken HeartKeep Your Promise, my Lord, to
Heal the brokenhearted.
Replace this byproduct of
Ruptured promises—
Whipped, chipped, ripped,
Split in two
Dejected, rejected, infested
Blue heart.

Restore unto me, my God, the
Years devoured by
Grasshoppers, shearer-worms, cutter-worms—
Every kind of locust
You’ve permitted to ravage my
Happiness, kindness, earnestness,
Compassion, tranquility, and love—
Indeed, all of me that used to be
Beaming, trusting, giving, and loving—
Converted now to
Brokenness and desertedness.

Betrayal, unrequited love, divorce
Make it hard to trust
Promises that were never kept—like
Loyalty, love undying, ‘til death
Do we part pledges:
Oaths manifested as flimsy, scrimpy, wimpy
Dark alley vows.
These were spirit crushers;
Faith, hope, and affection breakers.

But You, my God, are not like
Mankind, as You cannot lie;
Nor are You like humans
Who change their minds; transfer affections.
You’re no respecter of persons.
You’re impartial, righteous, faithful,
Holy, merciful, and benevolent.
Your Love and Grace are freely given;
They’re neither hidden nor revoked;
Nor redeployed.

You, my God, don’t make promises
You can’t keep.
Nothing is impossible for You.
Not one good and perfect gift will You
Withhold from Your children.
So, incline Your ear to me, Jehovah-Rapha.
Be gracious to me, my God;
Swiftly rescue me, granting me
All of Your guaranteed Shalom.
Heal and make whole again
My longtime blue in-halves heart.

~ July 2014


The Spirit of Adonai ELOHIM is upon me,
because ADONAI has anointed me
to announce good news to the poor.
He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted;
to proclaim freedom to the captives,
to let out into light those bound in the dark; ~ Isaiah 61:1, CJB

He heals the brokenhearted
and binds up their wounds. ~ Psalm 147:3, CJB

I will restore to you the years that the locusts ate,
the grasshoppers, shearer-worms and cutter-worms,
my great army that I sent against you. ~ Joel 2:25, CJB