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“Rediscovering YHVH'S Authentic Ekklesia"

false preacher 1 John 4  1__

It sure is funny how the disciples and apostles of Christ preached and taught the mysteries of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God without any formal education, training, license, ordination or sanction from a body of judicial jurisprudence or ecclesiastical oversight.

It sure is peculiar how the born again Holy Spirit endowed believers in Christ wrote sermons, taught lessons and preached salvation without the benefit of formal training in hermeneutics and homiletics.

In these modern times, we must now acquire a ministerial license and/or ordination papers in order to be accepted, respected and recognized as a divine messenger from Father God. If we are not sanctioned by some mainstream denomination or religious sect and if we don’t have at least an undergraduate degree, then our message and our ministry aren’t taken seriously.

In this end-time generation and culture, it has become popular to attain academic and ecclesiastical titles of…

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