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Under the Street Lamp

The Lord Almighty says, ‘I am greatly concerned—yes, furiously angry—because of all that Jerusalem’s enemies have done to her. Now I am going to return to my land, and I, myself, will live within Jerusalem. Then Jerusalem shall be called ‘The Faithful City,’ and ‘The Holy Mountain,’ and ‘The Mountain of the Lord Almighty.’

The Lord Almighty declares that Jerusalem will have peace and prosperity so long that there will once again be aged men and women hobbling through her streets on canes, and the streets will be filled with boys and girls at play. ~ Zechariah 8:2-5, TLB



I have posted several poems this month—National Poetry Month (April 2015). However, I failed to mention that fact in those postings. Since I was taught that it is better to be late than never, the following poem is posted in honor of National Poetry Month 2015.


Dusk sneaks up on us
Playing in middle of street;
Makes flowing four-eyes under eyebrows,
Cats-eyes on rears
Sluggish sundown traffic –
Swerving to the right or left –
Misses us.

Kickball, Dodgeball, Soccer,
Red Light – Green Light;
Take One Giant Step . . . May I?:
Nightly refusals to shift from
Coveted spots always last,
Until either a win or loss
Curbs us.

Just like clockwork,
Nocturnal frolicking
Habitually under street lamp
Converts to catching Lightning Bugs,
Harmonizing Doo-Wop,
Shooting the breeze . . .
Before parents’ arresting tones
Summon us.


~ September 2014