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Kingdom of God Living

So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For the pagans run after all  these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. ~ Matthew 6:31-33,     ESV


“Church” attenders have become so good at manipulating their learned churchy-ology (so good at playing “church”) and so good at regurgitating their pastors and/or ministers’ theology—a theology that often is minus the Theos (God; the Creator)—that these churchgoers completely have missed or are missing their purpose for living. “Church” attenders were not created just to become believers in Christ Jesus, and they were not created just so they can get into Heaven. They also were not created just to preach the Gospel—to evangelize and disciple the whole world.

First and foremost, God has created human beings for His Glory (see Isaiah 43:7; 1 Peter 4:11). His Glory is the beauty and excellence of His diverse holiness or countless perfections. His Glory also is the revelation and manifestation of His Character or all that He has and all that He is.

Put differently, God has created every human being for one purpose—to glorify Him. The problem is that so many believers are running around—like chickens with their heads cut off—“trying” to figure out what their purpose is for living, when the Word of God makes it clear that humanity was created to display or manifest—to reflect—God’s Character (His Glory), and to do so 24/7 – 365 days of the year. 

Once again, we all have been created for one purpose—for God’s Glory; to glorify God. Now glorify means: to magnify, praise and worship God; to accredit honor to God; and to acknowledge Him (His total being, attributes/characteristics, and deeds). Therefore, for us to glorify God, we must desire what He desires for us.

Scriptures tell us that God desires that we accept and confess His Son as our Lord and Savior, that we fully love Him (the Father) with the God-kind of love He has put inside us; that we absolutely love Him with our whole being; that we totally obey Him, and that we are utterly faithful to Him, as demonstrated by our God-kind of faith in Him. We also glorify God when we genuinely praise Him and truly worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (His Word is that Truth), when we publicly acknowledge His Glory and value His Glory above the glory of all created things/beings, and when we openly make His Glory known to others—make God recognizable to others; show others what God is like. Lastly, we glorify God when we bring Him honor (please Him) through everything we say, do and think.

The only way we can fulfill this purpose—the glorifying God purpose—is through the aid of God’s Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not in us just to take up space (to live/dwell in us). He is in us to fill us with everything God’s Grace has made available to us so that we who are in Christ Jesus can glorify God just like our Lord glorified His Father. It is the Holy Spirit’s responsibility to take those of us (we believers) who are born again, saved, and filled with Him into the Kingdom of God where He (the Holy Spirit) disciples (teaches/trains) ALL of us on Kingdom of God living—teaches us everything we need to know about the knowledge of God so that our individual “new life/new creation” keeps glorifying God until His Kingdom in all of us is brought to its fullness.

We never were created just so that we can live comfortable lives—have comfortable jobs, comfortable paychecks (or comfortable bank accounts/savings), comfortable homes, comfortable friends, and/or comfortable churches or ministries. If we are born again, saved, and filled with the Holy Spirit, we will know that it no longer is about us living our own lives the way we want, because our lives now belong to Christ Jesus. We no longer can live as we please, because Christ Jesus has committed our lives to Kingdom of God living. In the Kingdom of God, only Christ Jesus is Lord—not our pastors, bishops, elders, and so forth; not our earthly parents; not our godly family members and godly friends, not our positions and titles, not our money, not even we ourselves.

The Kingdom of God’s King of kings and Lord of lords has commanded us to live our lives in the Kingdom of God for the Glory of God. If we have not surrendered or are not surrendering our lives to Christ Jesus’ Lordship and Kingdom of God living, then we have been blinded by the blind Kingdom killers—our learned churchy-ology and accepted theology that is minus the Theos.

Selah (calmly pause and think about that) . . . .  A word to the wise should be sufficient.