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Matthew 5_16



And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light    because their works were evil. ~ Jn 3:19



The “LIGHT” that Jesus Christ commands us to shine, metaphysically speaking, is Creator God.  Creator God is “LIGHT” because He not only is pure—absolutely holy and righteous—but also He is absolute Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge.  Creator God also is “LIGHT,” because He is the giver of all moral and spiritual enlightenments. 

Since God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are ONE—the Trinity/the Godhead—through Jesus Christ believers learn that Creator God’s “LIGHT” is that which the Lord’s life fulfills as the Son, that which the Holy Spirit authenticates as the Truth Bearer and godly mysteries Revealer, and that by which Creator God’s Sovereignty—Supremacy—decides with whom He will entrust His power, authority and “LIGHT.” However, because individuals revere their darkness—their ignorant, barren, and wicked natures—within them more than they regard the significance of an inner light, it is their “darkness” that causes them to shrink away from those who are letting their lights shine.

In contrast, carnal believers shrink away from being true reflections of Jesus Christ’s Light, because they fear other light shiners will found out that they either are not the person many people believe they are, or they are not the person many people want them to be. Consequently, these believers foolishly will choose to live in darkness where they can call their evil good, because the evil in their soul has successfully condemned the Light they have in their spirit.

Jesus Christ is the Life through whom we are given an everlasting Light—our portions of spiritual light that emanate from Father God, who is the giver of all Life and LIGHT. Therefore, Creator God’s “LIGHT” should be evident in every believer, and every believer should be producing the kind of great works that glorify God. Like the great works that illuminate through Jesus Christ’s life—those works that shine in the face of adversities and calamities, as well as in times of favor and good fortune—every believer’s “light,” by the aid of the Holy Spirit, should reflect not only the same kind of great works but also greater works.

We must let our lights shine before all mankind so that unbelievers and disbelievers will see God and Jesus Christ in us and know the Godhead is our source of greatness. We also must let our lights shine everywhere so lost souls will desire to run from their darkness to God’s Light. Shalom. 

Keep it real…Live it out…Watch it work!


~ from my manuscript – Keeping It Real: Daily Renewing the Mind