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The Bema Seat

For we will all stand before the judgment seat of God; for it is written,As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.’ So then each of us will give an account of himself to God. ~ Romans 14:10-12, ESV


Why is it that we do not think it is strange when ungodly people refuse to seek Jesus Christ’s Wisdom, Understanding and Direction before making personal, professional, social and spiritual decisions, yet we seldom question why believers behave in like manner? The hard-hitting truth is that both unbelievers and believers demean the authority of Jesus Christ, when they restrict His sovereignty to only those decisions that they could care less about—when all is said and done. 

It is sad that believers think Jesus Christ is capable of handling decisions about what color they should dye their hair or what shoes they should wear, but think He is incapable of handling decisions about—for example—their careers, families, friends, responses to pro-life or pro-choice issues, worship practices, or what to do with their money. Even so, believers always should consider what decisions Jesus Christ would want them to make that involve the difficult, average or easy situations or struggles in their personal, professional, social and spiritual lives. 

No human beings—believers included—will have any excuses to give or lies to tell the Lord, when they either are standing before His Judgment Seat or the White Throne of Judgment and giving an account of everything they thought, said and did in their mortal bodies. That’s why believers must consider—on this side of Heaven—what they will tell their Lord and Savior, when He asks them why they made decisions in their lives that did not involve seeking Him first for godly Wisdom, Understanding and Direction. There will be no way to lie or make an excuse then, since He already knows the answer to His question. In other words, He will ask believers why they neglected to consult Him about everything that had to do with their lives—not because He doesn’t already know why, but—so they fully will comprehend and be sorry about their often nonchalant and frequently unwise decisions.

Christians’ lives belong to Jesus Christ. This Divine Truth is why they never should forget it is to Him they will give an account of: their actions, spoken words, and thoughts; how they used His spiritual gifts, natural talents, and time; and whether they used His gifts of Grace, Salvation, Holy Spirit, and godly Characteristics to glorify Father God and minister to people in need. Shalom.   


Keep it real…Live it out…Watch it work!

~ from my manuscript – Keeping It Real: Daily Renewing the Mind