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Vine & Vineyard


If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you. ~ John 15:7    


Most believers need something that will keep them rooted and grounded in God’s Word. Put differently, they need strong motivators that effectively urge them to produce much fruit. For Christ Followers, the strongest motivators are the Vine and His Vineyard—the Lord and His Life of blessing and serving others.

The Word of God provides plenty of examples of prayers and petitions that God answers, as well as plenty examples of every need that He meets, when believers begin to look more and more like Christ. Living holy and righteous lives is the kind of living that brings believers before Father God with the assurance that whatever they ask of Him He does for them, as long as they are doing those good works that become their treasures up in Heaven. This truth is why the Vine and Vineyard are Christ followers’ motivators. They urge true believers to become more and more like Christ—to perform those full of love and joy Christlike deeds that earn them Christ’s “Well done, my good and faithful servant” praise.

Now Christ followers’ personal investment is in the love and joy they have for Christ and others. Because the strongest motivators are the ones in which people have a personal investment, this truth means Christ followers’ personal investment makes their strongest motivators the Vine (Christ) and His Vineyard (the Lord’s Life of blessing and serving others). It is the Vine who gives believers everything they need to remain connected to the Vine, while they use everything they have to bless others. Without doubt, Christ followers know that the more love and joy they receive from serving Christ and others will mean their eternal rewards are increasing. As a result, Christ followers will be more fruitful.

Because their love and joy come from the Vine, this spiritual truth is why Christ followers need their motivators in order to be fruitful (good) stewards. These believers know that the moment the Vine no longer abides in them and they no longer abide in the Vine is when they also no longer can be fruitful Vineyard workers. That is why the Vine and Vineyard motivate Christ followers to continue to stay present in the Vine and the Vineyard—to continue to remain connected to the Vine and Vineyard—because they are believers’ sources for love and joy.

Let the Vine and the Vineyard motivate you to live a fruitful life that is full of love and joy. Shalom.   

Keep it real…Live it out…Watch it work!   


~ from my new book, Keeping It Real: Daily Renewing the Mind (published October 20, 2015)