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There are six things the Lord hates—
    no, seven things he detests:
haughty eyes,
    a lying tongue,
    hands that kill the innocent,
a heart that plots evil,
    feet that race to do wrong,
a false witness who pours out lies,
    a person who sows discord in a family. ~ Proverbs 6:16-19, NLT

“You must not murder.” ~ Exodus 20:13, NLT

That never-disappearing color line
                                          Du Bois noted at turn of century;
         Up from slavery swells down into
         Black Lives Matter era as activists’
                                          Justice, Dignity, and Respect
         Cries fall on hallowed blood stained
         Grounds silenced by unspeakable
                                         Twenty-four percent of nation’s
         Thirteen percent population—
         Killed by America’s finest in blue:

Keith Lamont Scott
        Terence Crutcher
               Philando Divall Castile
                          Alton Sterling
                                    Corey Jones
Sandra Bland
        Freddie Gray
                Walter Scott
                         Tony Terrell Robinson, Jr.
                                   Jerame Reid
Rumain Brisbon
         Tamir Rice
                  Akai Gurley
                          Ezell Ford
                                   Michael Brown
John Crawford
         Eric Garner
                 Dontre Hamilton
                          Jonathan Ferrell
                                   Rekia Boyd
Aiyana Stanley-Jones
          Danroy Thomas Henry, Jr.
                   Oscar Grant
                            Sean Bell

The comprehensive catalogue takes unstinted
                                    Space freedom and unconstrained
                                    Time freedom to convey the inalienable
                                    Right to life freedom defrauded inverted color,
          Complimentary uncomplimentary darker hue.
Imminent threat – Made in USA dehumanized Blacks
                                   Like lambs to the slaughter . . .

                                                         Slain simply for:

Driving Black,
Walking Black,
Talking Black,
Dancing Black,
Singing Black,
Dressing Black;

                          Wearing Dreadlocks,
                                   Sporting Natural Fros,
                                            Rocking Twist Outs;

                          Flaunting conspicuous Black features—
                                    Nubian nose, thick lips, high cheekbones,
                                             Hourglass body, plump back, well-endowed . . .

                                                               Hated simply for:

Working Black,
Living Black,
Being Black, period.

                           Color line darker skins
                                    Subjected to mass criminalization.

            Peaceful protests against institutional racism reveal
                    Blacks deprived basic rights suffer
                            Education Injustices
                                    Employment Disparities
                                              Wealth Gaps
                                                        Housing Discriminations

                           Healthcare inequities
                                    Infant mortalities;

        Peaceful protests target systemic discrimination:
                Ignoble criminal justice systems
                        Unjust racial profilings
                                 Disproportionate arrest rates
                                           Inadequate representations
                                                   Predisposed convictions
               Lopsided incarcerations
                           Harsher sentences meant to
                                  Enlarge prison population with

                              Forty percent Blacks who make up
                                       America’s thirteen percent population.

Dignity and respect stripped, raw
                                            Self exposing home of free
                   Biased prohibitor, denier of second-class
                   Black citizens’ civil liberties; ineligible for
                                            Assimilation; left under firm
                   Interdict that outlaws ubiquitous color line,
                  Preventing inverted colors’ harmonious
                                            Melting together as indivisible
                                            Complete common culture—
                  Doomed to exhibit dividedness:

An American
       A Black;
                        Never just one
                                 Or the other;
Two places at once riveted soul
Chained to country purging Blacks.

                         Systematically slaying darker shades;
                         Visionless genocidal temperaments
                                                     Blinding nation about divided house
                                                     Chickens coming home to roost.


~ from My Spirit’s Musings manuscript