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Treasured Godsends Reflections

14 There is something frustrating that occurs on earth, namely, that there are righteous people to whom things happen as if they were doing wicked deeds; and, again, there are wicked people to whom things happen as if they were doing righteous deeds. I say that this too is pointless.

15 So I recommend enjoyment — a person can do nothing better under the sun than eat, drink and enjoy himself; this is what should accompany him as he does his work for as long as God gives him to live under the sun. ~ Ecclesiastes 8:14-15, CJB




Mom’s lemon meringue pie with flaky crust
Her northern, southern fried chicken a must.

Abe’s Hot Dogs—hometown hidden gem
Zip’s Papa Joes worthy of diadem.

Chinese dumplings in peanut sauce
Sicilian pizza with crust hand-tossed.

Longhorn Barbecue’s baby back ribs
So finger-licking good you’ll need two bibs.

Though food is a necessary friend
There are more pleasures to pen:

Smell of summer’s rain on dry soil
Carved teak wood treated with linseed oil.

Falling backward onto piled leaves
Newly cut roses in hand-tied sheaves.

Sound of rain dancing on tin roof
Rooster crowing, alarm that’s foolproof.

Snowflakes gently folding while falling
Stunning countryside calm and sprawling.

Downhill bicycle riding hands-free
Jumping a fence to climb apple tree.

Playground hundred yards gold winner
Wilma Rudolf inspired this sprinter.

Collecting lightning bugs in a jar
Owning first out-of-the-showroom car.

Partial to the ‘70s Soul bands
Fond of dancing in shores’ varied sands.

Married my one and only true love
Joined by the One from Heaven above.

Cherished giving birth to oldest son
Youngest son enriched the joy and fun.

Blessed with grands and a great-grand
Staying ready to lend helping hand.

Now, this list isn’t at all inclusive
Missing here are the more elusive.


– composed September 4, 2017