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Dreamers fantasize their self-importance;
       they think they are smarter
       than a whole college faculty.  ~
Proverbs 26:16, MSG
Imagination users effortlessly fly high
           On reverie’s golden wings,
                       Soaring far above reality
            Lost in serene dreamland’s enchanting visions.
      Your dreams of me; my dreams of you
Distracted by eyes swirling in confusion;
      Minds’ mesmeric images clouded.
              Seeing isn’t always believing when
      Chaos plays recurrent joke
                    On wide-eyed fantasists
      Awakened to suffer unsatisfied yearnings.
Wakeups entomb deferred dreams
              Grieved by nightmarish reminder:
              Hastily entered marital contract,
              After-effect of cookie-cutter laws—
        One-size-fits-all shuffling - spouse swapping;
                     Much ado about nothing deception.
              Day of daydreaming starts again when
                       Light of morning reveals gaffes—
        The face; the empty space—noticeable blunders
               Triggering recollections of
                     Footloose dance, enduring romance,
That never-ending chemistry magnetized with
          Memories made golden in gold light that
                       Illumes minds’ corners.
          Contemplations every day, several times a day stimulated;
                    Rearoused during each night’s dreamland trip
                  Traveling on board true love’s Companion ship.