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But the fruit of the Ruach is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control—against such things there is no law. Now those who belong to Messiah have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

If we live by the Ruach, let us also walk by the Ruach. Let us not become conceited—provoking one another, envying one another. – Galatians 5:22-26, TLV

It has been years since I last saw Aunt Eleanor, which was on January 20, 2007. She was back in Wilkes-Barre on that day to say her final goodbyes to a sister who helped raise her – my Mom, Lucille Wade-Drayton.

The last thing I heard my Mom say about Aunt Eleanor was how powerfully she prayed for Mom. This prayer happened some weeks before Mom died peacefully in Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center. So, what stands out the most when I think about my Aunt Eleanor, is that she was an evangelist, a pulpit preacher, and a prayer warrior.

She also was very sweet and soft-spoken, and these two things I realized about her when I saw her on January 13, 2007.  While I was sitting in Mount Zion Church’s multipurpose room – where the family had gathered before my Mom’s homegoing service started – Aunt Eleanor came close to me, commented on how much I looked like my Mom, told me she had heard some great things about me during her frequent talks with my Mom, told me how sorry she was about my loss, and gave me a big hug and a sweet kiss on my right cheek.

Most of what I know about my Aunt Eleanor I learned from my Mom because my aunt lived in Chicago while I was growing up in Wilkes-Barre, so I rarely saw her. Nevertheless, I do have some things that I liked the most about her because they are things we have in common.

The first thing I like about Aunt Eleanor is how deeply she loved YeHoVaH. As I already mentioned, she was a preacher and an evangelist; however, what I recently learned is that she preached the Gospel of Yeshua every 4th Sunday, and she evangelized on the streets wherever she went, up until the end of her life. That information inspired me, as I am a preacher and evangelist, too.

Like me, Aunt Eleanor also experienced the loss of a child. She lost her son, Franky, in 2013, and I lost my son, Ade, in 2017. But what is most important is that none of her losses kept her from doing what YeHoVaH called her to do. It is my prayer that someone one day will say the same thing about me.

“Godly Woman” is the poem that I have dedicated to my Aunt Eleanor who was a godly woman. I finished writing this poem just a few minutes before I posted it here. This poem is my tribute to an aunt I rarely saw or spoke to, yet I know more about her than I know about my aunts I did see and did talk with more.  The poem I wrote is as follows:

            Godly Woman
Some people you can know for years,
Yet not know the real them;
Other people you can know of but never
Spend much time with them,
Yet know their spirits and their souls.
Aunt Eleanor is an old soul who displayed
Wisdom and special talents in her youth;
Her sage-like qualities put her in a world
Of her own – peerless vision mom noticed
About her when she was just a teenager,
Exhibiting a special talent – an empathetic
Flair to connect with people – spirituality
Too hard to ignore, as was her giving gift.
She consoled others even when she hurt,
She lifted her head and walked in turmoil;
She spoke constant words of wisdom – not
Malice, or envy, or gossip, or resentment;
She rejoiced in YeHoVaH with a grateful
Spirit and joyful one that inspired women
Like me – her niece – who saw in my aunt
Strength to carry others’ burdens, courage
To take the fall for someone else’s misdeeds,
Love to pray powerfully and compassionately
For others with heavy-laden heart, gentleness
To admire other women and compliment them
Genuinely, humility to admit she was wrong or
Admit she needs help, peace to help her endure
Evil words and actions from haters, kindness
To be friendly and considerate to everyone,
Faithfulness to be generous enough to bless
Others with the things she needs, patience
To wait on YeHoVaH’s Promises, joyfulness
To praise and worship YeHoVaH in times of
Trouble and comfort, and self-control to love
Her enemies and her neighbors as she loved
Herself – and to serve others.
Aunt Eleanor’s life typifies that godliness that’s in
People who are so full of The Spirit’s Fruit, Power,
Authority they’re  able to spiritually and faithfully
Walk on water, raise the dead, and feed thousands.
-      Composed September 1, 2020

Rest In Peace, Aunt Eleanor!

Lastly, the funeral services for my aunt, Eleanor Wade Goins, will be next Friday, September 11th, at Taylor Funeral Home located at 63 E. 79th Street in Chicago, IL 60619. The wake is at 11am, and the homegoing service is at 12 noon.