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For this reason I, Paul, am a prisoner of Messiah Yeshua for the sake of you Gentiles. Surely you have heard about the plan of [YeHoVaH’s] grace given to me for you— that the mystery was made known to me by revelation, as I wrote before briefly. When you read this, you can understand my insight into the mystery of Messiah— which was not made known to the sons of men in other generations, as it has now been revealed by the Ruach to His holy emissaries and prophets. This mystery is that the Gentiles are joint heirs and fellow members of the same body and co-sharers of the promise in Messiah Yeshua through the Good News. – Ephesians 3:1-6, TLV

YeHoVaH certainly moves in mysterious ways. Case in point, on Epiphany – a man-made holiday on which many Christians celebrate Yeshua’s physical manifestation to Gentiles (the Magi) – YeHoVaH allowed just a few of America’s many Trump enablers to experience a personal epiphany about how mentally unfit the leader of the free world is.

It took the failed insurrection on January 6, 2021, which Trump incited, before some United States senators, representatives, and the Vice President (Magi, of sorts) had a sudden and striking realization that theirs and Trump’s lies, conspiracy theories, and hateful rhetoric had motivated a pro-Trump mob – thugs, rioters – to breach Capitol security. After the smoke had settled, five Americans were dead. Their blood is on the hands of the following Republican Senators: Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Cynthia Lummis, Rick Scott (Florida), Roger Marshall, and Tommy Tuberville. These disgraceful seven Republican senators, and over a hundred dishonorable Republican representatives, carried through with objecting to the electors AFTER witnessing firsthand the pro-Trump mob’s anarchy.

The second day in America that will live in infamy – January 6, 2021 – also is a day that exposed just how fake many American Christians are, especially the ones who support Trump. Indeed, Muslim nations not only are laughing at our democratic process but also are laughing at the mayhem American Christians created.

Christian Nationalists

There is nothing Yeshua-like in a President who cannot accept defeat and who still is unwilling to officially concede the 2020 election. There is nothing Yeshua-like in a President who spent months stoking the anger of his supporters with lies about the Democrats stealing the 2020 election. There is nothing Yeshua-like in confessed believers storming, rioting, vandalizing, and looting the Capitol Building. There is nothing Yeshua-like in elected Christian congressional officials who not only refuse to ask the President to repent, after making so many false claims, but also reiterate the same false claims, while they, too, refuse to repent.

The epiphany so many Christian Americans – politicians, religious leaders, police, churchgoers, and so forth – should have experienced, either on January 6th or the day after, is that President Trump is not mentally sound. Without a doubt, YeHoVaH also has shown Americans how rotten our government and our Christianity are – rottenness that is in President Trump and runs throughout the United States Congress, law enforcement agencies, and Christian churches. A word to the wise should be sufficient.