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Thus says YeHoVaH God of Israel, ‘Write in a book all the words which I have spoken to you. ~ Jeremiah 30:2

Did you know that most of Amazon’s self-published authors will never get rich from their book sales?

Amazon’s ​Kindle Direct Publishing (​KDP​) allows authors to publish their hardcover books, paperback books, and eBooks for free. Additionally, Amazon KDP allows self-published authors to own all rights to their books, which traditional publishing houses don’t usually allow. 

However, although Amazon KDP doesn’t charge authors to self-publish their books, Amazon KDP does have a ​fixed royalty rate for authors. That rate is 60% of the authors’ list price​. In addition to the 60% royalty rate, Amazon KDP charges self-published authors the printing costs for each sold paperback and hardcover copy.​ In other words, (royalty rate x list price) – printing costs = royalty.​

I only sell paperback copies that use black ink, so the printing price for every paperback copy is based on the online Amazon marketplace my book was ordered from, the ink type (black or color), and the page count. In my case,​ that means Amazon KDP will keep 60% of the $17.99 list price for each book that I sell and, on top of that, will subtract an additional $6.18 from my royalty percentage every time a copy of that book is printed. So, ​Amazon KDP will receive about 75% of my $17.99 book price each ​time a ​paperback copy of​​ Torn Asunder: What Happens When YeHoVaH’s Will Is Ignored​ (published January 29, 2022) is sold and printed.

​Now, you might be asking: Why are you thrilled about that? Well, first, I am thrilled to publish something I created and thrilled because I published it without receiving any rejection letters. I am sure I would have gotten some had I taken the traditional route.​ Then too, I am thrilled to own all rights to my self-published books.

Secondly, because I have a few loyal friends and family members who actually believe in me as a writer, I am thrilled because several of them purchased my book almost the same day it went live on Amazon. So, even if my number of sold copies isn’t large, I am thrilled because my faithful friends and family members didn’t disappoint me.

Thirdly, I didn’t write my book because I had “making a killing” in mind. Did I hope that it would do well, financially speaking? Yes! Did I pray that YeHoVaH’s Will was for me to become a bestselling author? Yes! However, in my heart, I am prepared to remain humble no matter if I do or don’t achieve financial success with this book.

The bottom line is that I have always understood that any success I achieve with this book isn’t of my own doing. Any success would be because of YeHoVaH’s Help and His Will. That is why I am grateful for true friends who have supported me by purchasing and reading my book. Lastly, I am grateful for the following unexpected support:

Tonya’s Facebook Comment 3-4-2022
Saw This First Amazon Rating By An Unknown Person On 3-7-2022
Sylva’s 3-7-2022 Text To Me About My Novel
Larry’s 3-12-2022 Black Authors Network Comment – Facebook Group

While I know that to some people these examples of the unexpected support I have received since Torn Asunder: What Happens When YeHoVaH’s Will Is Ignored went live on 29 January 2022 aren’t worth much, to me they are priceless. They are precious to me because I didn’t buy or beg for this support.

All the above examples of the support I have received are the reasons why I write for the thrill of it. Furthermore, because some friends and a few family members support my writing ventures in more than one way – like they have done for my newly released book – this is the reason why I also give YeHoVaH all the Glory. Shalom!