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  1. Oriel Dumanon said:

    I am making a three-lessons booklet on understanding and receiving the baptism in the Holy Spirit, just 12 pages, to use in Bible study in our church. Can I use the picture here for the cover?

    • Oriel,

      If you are asking for permission to use my Gone Fishin’ graphic, then yes. You may use it. I took the photograph that is used in this graphic, so I own the copyright to the picture. The IXTHUS fish clipart and the text were added using LunaPic Free Online Photo Editor, and the IXTHUS fish clipart, according to LunaPic, is from and believed to be public domain.

      May God richly bless your Bible Study booklet on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit that you are preparing for your church. Shalom . . . .


  2. Hello Nadine!!

    Just read your Gone Fishin description of the end of times to my wife & we both found it very interesting & as plausible as any we’ve read/heard. Well done!!

    I plan to share it with our small group & do a study about it, which is ok with you…right?

    Thanks soooo much for the efforts you took to put it together…we very much appreciate them. We’re also “guessing” it was a labor of love…



    • Dear Ed,

      Thank you for your kind words. May God be praised, and may He receive all of the glory for anything you find useful, truthful and/or plausible on this blog.

      You are welcome to use anything you wish and to do so free of charge. God freely has given to me, and I in turn freely give to others.

      Every blessing . . . . .


  3. Dear Nadine,

    I have been looking into end time prophecy and watching recent events in Israel, nearby Syria and the caliphate that ISIS is attempting to build. I believe the Lord led me to your writing on “A revived Roman Empire is Unlikely” from 2011. What you wrote really confirmed/solidified some of the things I’ve been wondering about with regard to the Ottoman empire.

    In your opinion, is it in anyway possible that the legs of iron could represent the Western and Eastern Roman empire and yet the feet of iron mixed with clay is the Ottoman Empire? Here’s what has me wondering about this: The Byzantine or Eastern Roman empire greatly outlasted the Western Roman empire and the capital of both the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires was Constantinople (now Istanbul). Interestingly, it is in the same region as Pergamon – one of the seven churches in Revelation – that is referred to as “Satan’s seat”.

    The Ottoman’s didn’t completely wipe out every aspect of the Byzantine empire – in fact, according to some Historians, they kept some of their administrative hierarchies in tact. In your opinion, could the feet of iron and clay represent a commingling of the Byzantine/Roman and the Ottoman empires? Another interesting point is that Turkey has been a candidate for EU membership since 1999. If they did join, it would be a close approximation of the Western and Eastern Roman empire being revived (a commingling or mixture).

    Last thing, I have been doing some reading on the current president of Turkey (former Prime Minister) Erdogan. I find some of his attributes disturbing. Not going to say much more than that. But I’d be interested in your insights.

    God bless you,


    • Dear Ellis,

      Thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank you for reading my “A Revived Roman Empire Is Unlikely” blog entry.

      In response to your questions, I believe that the majority of the nations involved in the end-time events will be the Middle Eastern Arabic nations that surround Israel. Most of these Arabic nations were part of the Roman Empire. However, apostle John’s seventh consecutive kingdom/empire and prophet Daniel’s 4th Beast, which are one and the same, are not a revived Roman Empire per se, because the Romans did not crush/devour the people they conquered–they assimilated their dominated ethnic groups. Plus, the Roman Empire never really conquered Persia (Iran). My point here is that neither side (Roman or Persian) had any lasting victories during the Roman-Persian Wars. More important, the Holy Bible’s Scriptures are very clear that Persia/Iran–today’s stronghold of Shi’a Muslims faith (Imami Sect)–will be a major player in the end-times events.

      Furthermore, the Roman Empire in apostle John’s day was the 6th consecutive kingdom/empire that came against Israel. However, it is the Islamic Caliphate of the Turkish-Ottoman Empire that apostle John alludes to as being the 7th consecutive land of Israel and its people’s invading and conquering kingdom/empire (the iron legs). This 7th kingdom/empire, which primarily is made up of Muslims, will become the 8th and final world kingdom/empire (the feet of iron and clay). As I mentioned in my blog posting you reference, the Ottoman Empire began as a heterogeneous mixture of ethnic groups and religious creeds, which the empire tried to untangle itself from–it tried to free itself from its mixed populations’ conflicting interests, rival groups, and antagonistic religions/sects. It is this Islamic kingdom/empire that is the one that eventually became partly strong and partly weak (breakable), all because of its mixture of Arabs. This truth is why the commingling of iron and soft clay won’t be a commingling of the Byzantine/Roman (Christian) and the Islamic Caliphate of the Turkish-Ottoman empires.

      Daniel writes:

      “As you saw the iron mixed with soft clay, so they will mix with one another in marriage, but they will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with clay.” ~ Daniel 2:43, ESV (see also Nehemiah 13:1-3)

      My understanding is that the Ottomans or Turks conquered, vanquished (crushed/devoured), and unassimilated the majority of the Roman citizens, primarily the bulk of the Roman Christians, in the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire). This fact is why I believe that prophet Daniel’s iron and clay commingling specifically pertains to the Ottoman Empire’s Arabs (the mixed pagan people of the desert who are Esau’s Edomite descendants and the Ammonite and Moabite descendants of Lot, all of which are the Arabs that occupy modern-day Jordan. The rest of the mixed pagan desert people are the Arabs who are Ishmael’s descendants–many of today’s Lebanese, Syrians, Jordanians, Iraqis, Libyans, Sudanese, as well as a great many of the Arabs living on the Arabian Peninsula (in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, and United Arab Emirates), and the Arabs of Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait, which mostly are on the Persian Gulf. These different Arabs with their mixed populations’ conflicting interests, rival groups, and antagonistic religious sects helped to create their current and past Islamic schism (Sunni–iron–the stronger majority of Muslims, and Shi’a–clay–the weaker minority of Muslims). This is both a fact and a truth, especially since the Turkish-Ottoman Empire was built on an Islamic foundation (the Islamic Caliphate), and it will be built in the near future on that same foundation.

      In the end times, I believe that the Sunni and Shi’a Muslims, who will be governed by Sharia Law (the Islamic foundation of the revived Caliphate of the Turkish-Ottoman Empire) will unite to serve one central leader who is the future Mahdi (the Antichrist), but they later will begin to fight one another, which they have been doing on and off since their beginning. As Daniel says, iron and clay will not hold–will not mix together well. What he is referencing is the Sunni and Shi’a Muslims fighting among themselves. Indeed, I am certain that this Sunni vs. Shi’a fight will be one of the major reasons why the Antichrist’s allegorical Babylon falls (is destroyed, not once but twice, according to Revelation’s Scriptures).

      Concerning Erdogan, for me, the jury is still out about his real agenda. He could very well be the one who helps revive the dead Caliphate, even though he has said that that is not what he is trying to do. The truth is that his actions clearly sing a different tune. He changed his tune from first trying to become a member of the EU to now spearheading the Caliphate. In other words, he clearly is trying to resurrect the old Ottoman Empire. Perhaps this truth is why Walid Shoebat calls Erdogan the Antichrist of Turkey. For me, the jury is still out about that, too, even in light of the fact that many of the people in Turkey have been venerating Erdogan as if he were a deity (Allah) figure. For me, Erdogan obviously lacks the charisma that the Antichrist/Mahdi is described in Christian and Muslim texts as having!

      Every blessing,


      • Ellis Richardson said:


        Thanks for your detailed response Nadine, it was very helpful and insightful.
        As one who has been watching closely for a revived holy roman empire, the possibility of an emerging caliphate is undeniable. Two developments this weekend that I feel are worthy of mention – a dear friend and brother in Christ pointed out the “skull-shaped, dead comet” that passed the earth this Saturday night (Halloween). Jesus tells us to watch for signs in the heavens.

        Also on Sunday, in a surprise victory, Erdogan’s AKP party won back the majority vote in parliament. His aim is to change the Turkish constitution, giving the office of the president more authority. I’m not suggesting that the two aforementioned occurrences are linked – just thought both were noteworthy. I too have seen Walid Shoebat’s views on Erdogan and agree with you, the jury is still out. He may well be a precursor.

        Thanks again and blessings to you!


  4. Hello Nadine,
    I appreciate for your time to narrate details about the end time tribulations.
    Please help me know which of the faith are you (Denominations).
    Thank you.

    • Elijah,

      Thank you! I appreciate your comment.

      As for my faith/denomination, I was raised Missionary Baptist. In my late 40s, I became Full Gospel. Most Full Gospels who were raised in a Baptist denomination used to call themselves Bapticostals (maybe some still do, but I stopped).

      Currently, I do not associate with any man-made religion (not Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, etc,). because they all have too many paganistic customs/traditions of men. For this reason, I also do not call myself a Christian, Protestant, or a Tribe of Judah black Jew, and I have never been nor will ever be a Muslim or a Catholic. Actually, I dislike LABELS, but I can accept being called a follower of Yeshua, a saint, a sister, or a hopeful overcomer.


  5. Rev. Maria Rosario said:

    Loved this teaching, I am currently teaching on the bride of Christ in the rapture of the church. If I May have your permission to use some of your teachings here for my own teaching. Please put me on your list for any upcoming teachings or any materials that you have, that we can use as well. God bless you and keep up the good work.

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